Cleaning with herbs from your garden

In an effort to use less chemicals in my household, I have turned to vinegar to help clean and disinfect my home.  Vinegar's pH level creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria, it can help remove mineral deposits on silverware and coffee makers, and may also help unclog drains.  It is rather cheap as well.  You can purchase in gallon quantities for only a few dollars.  But can you use vinegar everywhere in your household?  The answer is no.  Avoid granite and marble surfaces, solid wood furniture.  When using vinegar on hardwood floors, stone floors and grout use caution. But from personal experience, I have seen no negative effects of vinegar on my hardwoods.  Avoid using full strength vinegar, instead dilute by half with water and test on a portion of the surface first.  


From yoga mats to garbage disposals, or dirty laundry, even refrigerators or toilets.....vinegar is a powerful disinfectant.  With that in mind, I propose the use of disinfectant and anti-bacterial herbs along with your cleaning vinegar to enhance the efficacy and alter the aroma, keeping your house clean and smelling fresh.  Using vinegar as a base, add antimicrobial herbs such as citrus peel, rosemary, sage or lavender to the vinegar. After two weeks of infusion, the mixture can be strained and put into a spray bottle. Give it a try.  This is a great substitute for chemical based cleaners, its environmentally friendly, and the addition of herbs is a great way to use and connect with the beautiful plants around us.


by Blake Burger and Kenna Castleberry