Oat straw


Avena sativa

At last night's Denver Medicinal Plant Society meeting, we were introduced to the healing herb Oatstraw.  Packed with vitamins and minerals, this herb increases vitality, promotes healthy hair and nails, and calms the nerves.  As it promotes both vitality and a sense of relaxation, this herb seems to support the body on its quest to find homeostasis and balance in a busy world. To make the most out of this medicinal plant, make a hot infusion.  Allow the herb to steep for at least a few hours.  The longer extraction time will ensure an abundance of minerals and vitamins in your drink. 

Avena sativa

Habitat: temperate regions, high tolerance for all weather conditions. Sow in autumn for spring harvest, or spring for fall harvest

Description:Growing to 3ft (1m). Straight hollow stems, bladelike leaves, and small spikes holding seeds.

Part Used:seeds, straw (dried stem)

Constituents: Saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, silicic acid, proteins, B vitamins, and minerals.

Actions: Externally: Emollient and cleansing

Internally: nervine, antispasmodic, restorative, mild-antidepressant

Uses: Used to treat insomnia, nervous exhaustion, and decreased vitality.

Helps maintain muscle function and stamina during training and exercise.

Externally: Soothes irritated skin, eczema.

Preparation: Instant oats, or old fashioned rolled oats in bath for dermatitis

Tea: long steep preferably over night to extract all nutrients

Tincture: 3x/day 3-5 ml 1-5 in 45%

Caution: No known side effects when used properly