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Welcome to the Blog of

The Denver Medicinal Plant Society

Formed at the end of 2015, our goal and mission is simple: To educate, appreciate, and explore the world of medicinal plants and natural medicine making.  

Members of he Denver Medicinal Plant Society gather the last Thursday of each month at the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens, located in the heart of Denver.  Membership is open to any human being interested in learning and sharing wisdom about medicinal plants.  

Denver Botanic Gardens

The purpose of this blog is to document the topics discussed at our monthly gathering.  We hope you enjoy!

Our first gathering was a huge success.  On January 28th, twenty seven kind souls showed up to the inaugural meeting inside the Plant Society Building.  Tea was brewed, food and drink was shared, and we quickly settled into our new space.  The topic of the evening was Bitters.  


Herbs that help stimulate appetite and digestion by getting gastric juices flowing and your peristalsis moving. Just a drop of this often shunned flavor on the tongue is effective in activating the production of beneficial digestive secretions including saliva, gastric acid, and bile. Helpful for constipation, gas related cramping, sluggish digestive movement, and to support a healthy appetite after an illness or while traveling, for example.


Look for an in-depth posting on Bitters tomorrow:)

For today, here is some basic Vocabulary and Terminology used by Herbalists and Medicine Makers

Basic Herbalism Vocabulary

Tea or infusion - Made when you pour boiling water over leaves, flowers or seeds. Cover and steep five minutes or until cool depending on strength desired. These can be beverages or medicinal.

Decoction - When you simmer roots, stems, bark of a plant for 5-30 minutes. Can be consumed hot or cold.

Tincture - An alcohol extract of a medicinal plant used internally or externally.

Poultice - Crushed fresh or reconstituted plant material applied externally.

Compress - An herbal infusion applied externally

Salves - A preparation of herbs extracted in oil or wax (great for wounds)

Essential oil - Oil extracted from aromatic plant


Another important piece to Herbalism 101, is knowing the "actions" of plants. Below is a link to the wonderful Mountain Rose website which explains specific herbal actions and examples of herbs.  


Thank you for reading!  See you soon! :)